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19th Century Willowbrook Village

Willowbrook Museum

Two historic houses and their barns, a reproduction schoolhouse and bandstand, an 1894 steam engine powered horse carousel, an 1849 Concord stagecoach, and a picturesque millpond and waterfalls are a few of the many things to see at this restored country village. Plan to spend at least 3 hours once you arrive. Bring a picnic or enjoy lunch at our sandwich shop and ice cream parlor on site.

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Our museum campus is closed for general visitation until our season opening on

Wednesday, July 1, 2015.

We have workshops happening throughout the winter months. School field trips can be scheduled starting in April ( please consult the" field trip" page here).

We will be offering classes to individuals and groups throughout the off season. Those class offerings are listed below and on our blog.

Our SANDWICH SHOP menu here.

Our OFF SEASON events include:

Winter Workshops

Call us: (207) 793-2784 or Email:, if you are interested in taking any of the following classes.


Sat., April 11, 9-3PM: Blacksmithing: Make a Knife. One day class. Students learn hand forging: heating, cutting and shaping a Bowie or Puuko style knife. Filing and polishing. Heat treating with oil. Handle kits available on request. $125 See our blog.

Sat. & Sun., April 25 & 26, 9AM-3PM: Blacksmithing: Sword Making This class  involves forging a 24 inch long blade from spring steel over the course of two days with master bladesmith Adriaan Gerber ( $195 See our blog.

Sat. & Sun., May 2 & 3, 9AM - 3PM: Patent Welded Steel Making/ Knife Making. This class is for the intermediate level student. Create a billet of steel by forge welding cable together. The product resembles Damascus steel, which is a far longer and labor intensive process to make. You will forge your billet into a knife blade with tang over the course of two days with master bladesmith Adriaan Gerber ( $195 See our blog.




        2015  Membership

        Our 2015 membership application is here.

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        2015 Adopt an Artifact and/or Project Program

        View 2015 Adopt an Artifact, and/or Project Program details here.

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        Homeschoolers and School/Kids Groups

        We have guided tours and learning experiences for groups. we can arrange to have an interpreter take you around the museum and engage your group in hands on activities. We have hands-on workshops with a variety of themes.

        Please contact us if your group would like to schedule a date and time for a visit. Contact us about group rates.

        The Amos Straw Country Store will be newly stocked for the 2015 season with many items that are Made in Maine and Made in the USA. Don't forget to buy a hunk of our wonderful cheddar cheese and sour pickles served from a wooden barrel.

        Recent Happenings

        The Museum went mobile on January 13, 2015 bringing a new program entitled Ice, Ice Harvesting, and Ice House Architecture to the entire fifth grade at the Knowlton School in Berwick, ME.



        On Wednesday, March 17 at 12 NOON at the Maine Historical Society, Congress Street, Portland, Maine a Talk, The Telegraph: The Victorian Tweet with Charles Kaufmann, artistic director of the Longfellow Chorus and Robert Schmick, museum director of 19th Century Willowbrook Village. The talk will highlight aspects of the Saturday concert, the significance of telegraphy, and the musical work of Charles Kobbitz.

        A working telegraph from the museum's collection will be used as a percussion instrument in Charles Kobbitz's Telegraph Polka,one of many pieces performed at the Music of the Gilded Age Concert on Saturday, March 21, 4PM at the John Ford Theater at the Portland High School in Portland, Maine. Tickets on sale now.

        We are always looking for donations of artifacts for a working collection and  volunteers to help with the completion of our various project. Please contact us.

        Much thanks to F.R. Carroll Cement of Limerick, ME for their generous donation of concrete for the slab for the Tom Flagg Smithy project. Also, a big thanks to Limington Lumber for a reduced price on lumber for the project.

        New Projects:

        Turn-of-the-Century Machine Shop

        This winter we will be working on a new machinist shop scenario. The old restoration workship adjacent to the Trafton House will be cleaned out. The walls and cieling will be replaced with new insulation and tongue and groove pine boards. Some work benches will be created to add to existing ones. 

        This is made possible by partial funding from the Narragansett Number One Foundation. Also, Limington Lumber has made a generous offer of building materials. We are seeking other grants at this time for this project/ We need volunteers to help with some of the work to be done, please contact us.

        The idea is to make this into a site for classes in antique engine repair ( we have a class scheduled to begin March 7; see details on this page), metal casting, and metal fabrication.

        Several important donations of equipment,including a line shaft pulley driven milling machine, lathes, bandsaw, and other equipment will be set up in this space.

        Apple Cider Mill

        A circa 1870s twin screw apple cider press that was produced in Waterville, ME has been re-wooded through partial funds from the Narragansett number One Foundation. We have put together the mortise and tenon timbers with pegs.

        The press sits on a concrete slab thanks to a partial donation of materials by F.R. Carroll Cement. A similar vintage flat belt pulley driven apple crusher that was re-wooded by staff member Ashley Gerry will be set up in conjunction with the press and powered by a horse treadmill.

        Work continues on the project.

        Looking For Volunteers To Be Costumed Interpreters at the Village this Season!

        We also are looking for individuals who like to sew and like Victorian clothing and/or free studio space for their arts and crafts, especially weaving on a loom.

        Contact the Museum Director: (207) 793-2784 or





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        19th Century Willowbrook Village is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization
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